Resident Advisor

RA at the University of Hawaii at Manoa


One particular takeaway from my experience as an RA is the importance of relationships between people. It all boils down to the relationships. (You can probably break it down further than that, to the relationship a person has with themselves perhaps). As an RA you have to manage many relationships. The relationships between: roommate to roommate, resident to you, you to resident, RA to RA, you to┬áRAs, RAs to you, you to your boss, your boss to you, your boss’ boss to you, etc, etc. While it is important that you do your work well, it doesn’t matter if the relationships are not well built.

As an RA you are required to be the responsible one amongst people who may be only one year younger than you, which can be difficult to grasp as a dynamic initially.


More on this later.