Hawaii Student Entrepreneurs

Hawaii Student Entrepreneurs


Much more could be written on this subject, and I may expand upon this later on. This is a brief overview of my time with HSE.


In my freshman year of college (2014-2015) I began looking for different organizations based in areas I had interest in. One of those areas was entrepreneurship. I came across the Hawaii Student Entrepreneurs (HSE) club. The mission of HSE as I understood it was to promote entrepreneurship amongst the University of Hawaii (UH) at Manoa students, while also giving them access to valuable resources. I began going to a few events and became a fully fledged member in Spring of 2015. Then Evan Young and Mia Harrie convinced me to take a leadership position in the organization. I signed on with them to be the Director of Human Resources. During my semester as HR I developed a bunch of skills and connections within HSE and decided to step up to the role of Vice President. As I remember, I began the role of VP in Spring of Sophomore year (2015-2016). In this role, I held more responsibility for overseeing the board. It was initially tricky to step from the role of the doer to the role of the leader and overseer. I had to stop myself from jumping in and doing other board position’s duties and instead help guide them to deliver excellent results. In Spring of 2016 HSE was not in the best of places. HSE’s membership had been dwindling, our board members were dropping off, and our operational systems were not solid. This was one of the messier semesters in HSE. Me and the president Mia Harrie had to go in and rebuild the club. We held several good events through the semester (pictures below). Then over the summer of 2016 me and Mia worked to put HSE on a good track for the 2016-2017 year. Many Skype interviews with potential board members at this time. At the end of the summer we had built out a pretty good board and had a solid plan for our calendar. Our 2016-2017 year was pretty successful. I had developed my skills to be able to handle my school workload, my RA workload, as well as my HSE workload. Tools such as Evernote, iCalendar, Slack, Trello, Google Calendar were being added to my arsenal to be able to handle these workloads. At this time in HSE we were hosting one event per week, planning and coordinating our weekly events, marketing those events, sending out weekly emails, and holding weekly board meetings. After we found new board members and a new President and Vice President team both me and Mia stepped away from our roles to work on other projects. So ended my career as a board member with HSE. I have taken up more of an advisory role now. Photos below of some of the events that we put on as a club. For most of these events I was in the role of Vice President overseeing the planning and execution of all aspects of these events alongside Mia Harrie (President).

HSE Events

Experience Entrepreneurship with Maggie Zhang – Founder of Shaka Shaka

Founders Mixer Fall 2016

HSE Bizlab

HSE Orientation

Company Tour at Doraku


PACE & HSE CoHosted Events

Entrepreneurship Live with Matt Hong and Zak Barry – CoFounders of Banan

Entrepreneurship Live with Christine Camp – Founder of Avalon Real Estate Development

Entrepreneurship Live with Zachary and Lawrence Hester – CoFounders of FareHarbor

Entrepreneurship Live with Lawrence Ho – CFO of The Pig and the Lady

Entrepreneurship Live with Paul Kosasa – CEO of ABC Stores

Entrepreneurship Live with Donovan Kealoha – Senior Associate of Startup Captial Ventures



2016 HVCA Entrepreneur & Deal of the Year Awards Gala

HSE Timeline Photos – Marketing Examples

Misc HSE Photos




While working on the board of HSE in the role of HR and VP I developed competency in several skills.

Project Management

Event Planning

Event Marketing

Mailchimp Emails

Team Communication

Team Coordination

Public Speaking

Interpersonal Relations


Time Management

Marketing Materials Creation – Video and Photo editing for example